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About Voran Global Services

Voran Global Services Limited is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (RC: 1079441) to conduct business in the area of Engineering, Procurement, Project management as well as provide business solutions to evolving Organizations. VORAN  is proudly 100% Nigerian owned, founded on vast experience in Procurement management and consultancy, international and local project management expertise as well as business ... Read More »

Mission Statement

To continuously improve and tailor our customer’s ability to efficiently manage their project lifecycle and enhance process improvement within their project lifecycle . Building on the deep technical, and project management knowledge of our engineering staff, we provide exceptional value for customers. By delivering excellent project management solutions with professional integrity, we develop successful business relationships through mutual trust and ... Read More »

Our Edge

We pride ourselves in timely execution of projects and approach every task with our mission as a guide – Adding Value! The strategy of Voran is focused on 3 major areas Identification of needs Recommending and provision of ideal solutions Continuous support and delivery management. Credibility and competence have been the hallmark of our Company. The Company’s ability to deliver ... Read More »

Our Methodology


At VORAN, every client’s need is treated as a project geared towards providing the right quality, within budget and schedule without compromising standards. We ensure Satisfaction. That is our mark!  Understand customer need Workout solution within budget Implement within  schedule Close out with continuous support  We study organizations’ processes and create solutions to optimize these processes. We are a customer ... Read More »

Consulting Services

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At Voran Global services we have a very strong customer focus, aiming to always meet a client’s individual needs by providing a bespoke oil&gas, IT and manufacturing consultancy service.  The project scope and resources that we deploy will be adapted to individual client requirements, whether for a quick review or an intensive study. We pride ourselves on being adaptable and ... Read More »

Strategic and Governance Services

Identifying, selecting and prioritising new projects (Conventional and unconventional oil and gas exploration and manufacturing production projects), including involvement in benefits management and business cases, contingencies etc Allocating resources between projects and programmes Providing advice and recommendations to senior management Conducting project health checks and post-project reviews Monitoring and reviewing PMO performance and its effect on project delivery.     Read More »

The Team

Our motivated team of oil & gas and Information technology experts based in Nigeria and UK combine global experience and proprietary approaches and insights to unlock significant value for our clients. Our experience serves clients across the United Kingdom and Nigeria. We support critical decisions across a broad range of strategic and operational functions, from business unit strategy and supply ... Read More »

Potential Clients

Potential Clients Stakeholders in the upstream sector, manufacturing and IT face major issues around restricted access to discovered resources, falling prospectivity, fluctuating oil prices, capital cost inflation, limited access to project finance and increasing taxation of oil and gas production.  Voran seeks to provide in the first year of operations in the UK targerted expert consulting services to hundreds of upstream ... Read More »

Market Strategy

Voran Global Service marketing strategy is to identify a target market and develop a marketing mix that will appeal to those potential customers. Decisions regarding the ideal marketing mix will be organized in terms of Price, Promotion, Product, and Price. However, the goal is not to just come up with a particular strategy, but rather to focus on providing value ... Read More »